Aussie Turf Caravan Mats and Sustainability

Aussie Turf Caravan Mats sustainably recycled plastics and materials into their production process. This eco-conscious approach not only reduces waste but also addresses the world wide challenge of global warming/pollution. By utilizing recycled plastics, Aussie Turf plays a pivotal role in resource conservation, transforming discarded materials into durable and environmentally responsible caravan/outdoor mats.

Aussie Turf Quality

The turf used in Aussie Turf Caravan Mats is crafted with precision and durability in mind. It's composed of a blend of PE (Polyethylene) and PP (Polypropylene) monofilament, which is known for its strength and resilience. Moreover, these mats feature a low shine finish, reducing glare, and are anti-static. The inclusion of electricity carbon fiber further enhances their strength and durability. This ensures that the mats can withstand heavy use and challenging outdoor conditions without losing their appeal or functionality.

UV Protection for Harsh Environments

Australia's climate can be incredibly harsh, with intense sunlight and extreme temperatures. Aussie Turf Mats understand this and have incorporated exceptional UV protection into their products. This protection helps to guard against the damaging effects of prolonged exposure to the sun. Caravans and campers often spend extended periods outdoors, and this UV protection ensures that the mats maintain their quality, color, and durability over time. This feature is particularly valuable for those who enjoy outdoor adventures in the Australian outback or along the coast